High value speech therapy that meets your needs

We had to find a new way to put tools for better communication in everybody’s hands

-Kevin, Founder

Why We Started

Take Back Speech Therapy was founded by Kevin Cunningham after his son needed speech therapy services. Despite being an experienced speech-language pathologist he had difficulty finding high quality, convenient, and affordable speech therapy. This experience led him to study the science of health policy, communication development, and motivation. Using this information, he developed Take Back Speech Therapy to provide much-needed solutions. Our goal is to help you take back ownership of your communication abilities and put them to work in your real life.

Our Core Beliefs

Communication is a right for all people

Speech therapy should put clients in charge of their goals, schedule, and practice.

Speech therapy should be based on client values

Every recovery journey is unique and requires a supportive therapeutic relationship.


Kevin T Cunningham, MS CCC-SLP


Kevin is a father, husband, and experienced speech-language pathologist. He has served clients across the continuum of care. He started his career in outpatient pediatrics and acute care hospitals before moving into outpatient rehabilitation for adults with stroke, brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. He has served patients across the lifespan from children in the schools to adults in skilled nursing homes. Kevin has taught undergraduate and graduate level classes in speech-language pathology. He lectures regionally and nationally on the topic of improving communication abilities. His scientific publications can be found here. He has mentored countless students and young clinicians and was named the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Preceptor of the Year. When not spending time with his children, Kevin enjoys hiking with his beagle and taking care of his chickens and ducks.