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Using AI for Speech Therapy

Many exciting tools are coming online for using AI for speech therapy. AI allows speech-language pathologists, parents, and teachers to quickly develop customized materials to grow communication skills. AI (artificial intelligence) refers to technology that gives computers the ability to learn without being specifically programmed what to do. These tools open the door to many … Read More

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How to Read a Children’s Book Aloud

Published Updated How to a read children’s book aloud to maximize speech development Think about the masters of reading books aloud to children, like LeVar Burton in this masterful performance. What makes them so engaging engaging? Why do children pay attention? I have studied what captivating readers have in common. Science gives some clues on … Read More

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Strategies to Help Children Learn Speech

Published Updated Using brain science, caregivers can use strategies to help children to learn speech. In a previous post, we discussed the importance of feedback in how children learn speech. Children hear the speech of their caregivers and their own babbling, which drives the production of talking. Strong scientific evidence tells us that the ways … Read More

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How Children Learn Speech

Published Updated The process of how children learn speech is a miracle. I have cherished the moments when it clicked with my children, when they first understood that the sounds they made had power. How children learn speech provides crucial information for parents to grow the communication abilities of their child. Learning speech starts with … Read More